Vintage Style Wedding Bunting Success

I love making bunting as it is easy to make and always leaves me feeling happy. I know I am easily pleased!

I was asked to make some bunting in a vintage style, incorporating the colours ‘watermelon’ and ‘green apple’. Sometimes colour description like this can be tricky as we all have our own perception of shades of colour, but it looks like I got it right as I have received a lovely message of thanks this morning which has made my day!

They used the bunting around the ‘signing the register table’ as below.

As well as around the bar and down either side of the ballroom where the reception was held. I am just glad the bunting arrived safely in Canada for the wedding and that 60 metres was enough!

The lovely message I received said – Where do I begin!? Your bunting was absolutely stunning, it was the perfect addition and just the right touch for our decorations…it looked so beautiful and we had so many compliments on it. And there was so much, you must have been sewing all night for weeks on end! The colours were perfect and matched our vintage theme so well. I can’t wait to use it in a nursery one day! :) )

Thank you very much Chris and Claire and may I wish you a very happy future together x

Shed Happy!

I am getting a new shed for my allotment for my birthday and am surprised at how much I am looking forward to it!

I happened to mention this to my husband and also how it may need little curtains and a touch of bunting.  The song currently being sung by my ‘hilarious’ family is this  - POSH.  Hubby is threatening to put a chimney on my shed too! Did you see this film as a child as well – what was your favourite song? This one is very catchy!


London is not empty!

I have been reading and seeing in the news how empty central London has been since the Olympics began. Also as my other half is a black taxi driver I have been listening to him moan about it.

So yesterday I decided to pop up to town on the train with my girls to meet some good friends for an afternoon of scootering along the empty Southbank.


This photo was taken right beside the London Eye and as you can see it is not empty. Not ideal conditions for supervising 4 scootering children aged 4, 5, 7 and 9.  Would have been easier herding kittens!

Having said that I would highly recommend a visit.  The atmosphere was great, everyone seemed to be in happy chilled out moods as we strolled slowly along towards Tower Bridge.  There are various free activities along the way for all.  The kids enjoyed a huge rainbow coloured sandpit, interactive sculpture park and grass covered enormous armchairs, but there were many other things to do.

Having worked our way along past Gabriels’ Wharf and OXO Tower, both with great independent shops and eateries, we got to Tate Modern and the ‘wobbly bridge’ where the picture below was taken.


If you are looking for cheap ways to entertain the kids and yourself this Summer holiday, just jump on a train to London with a picnic as there are so many free things to do.

Grow your own fruit for bargain prices.

Having recently taken on an allotment, we are trying to set it up for as little money as possible.  That challenge is working out quite well so far, but today I found a fantastic bargain (at least I think it is) so I thought it only fair to share.

This week only Aldi are selling fruit plants for £1.99 each. I got there first thing expecting tiny little plants which would take ages to get going, but was very surprised to see what was on offer and would highly recommend.

As you can see from my quick photo I went a little mad, but I can’t resist a bargain.  For just under £28 I got 2 x blackberry, 2 x kiwi, 2 x goji berry, 2 x loganberry, 2 x fig, 1 x tayberry, 1 x gooseberry, 1 x red grape and 1 x white grape!!!!

If you are a gardener/allotmenteer get down there quick!


How to live a clutter free life?

I have read the books, blogs, discussed with friends etc.  and it is clear to me that despite all of this effort, I still have not got a handle on my clutter situation.

After some analysis, it appears that the problem is not with sorting the clutter into the recommended piles, it lies in dealing with the piles once created!  The ‘Rubbish’ pile is ejected immediately, the ‘Keep’ pile finds a new home within the house, the ‘Charity’ pile goes straight in the boot of the car to drop off.  The problem lies with the ‘Sell’ pile.

Please tell me I am not alone in carefully saving all items which I believe may have a value and would then, once sold, provide cash for other things?  The issue, I believe, is how best to dispose of these items.  Obviously you could put them in the local paper or newsagents window for very little cost.  There are also many sites available for selling items, such as Ebay or Gumtree, but in the case of Ebay particularly the actual of selling cost of the item is quite high in relation to price achieved at sale.

I have taken a look at my ‘Sell’ pile and have decided that it is time to take action as money raised would help towards getting Katie Says off the ground and that can only be a good thing (obviously in my opinion)!  And judging by the size of the pile accumulated, would definitely go quite some way to helping me achieve a clutter free home!

So I will be loading all the items I have collected over a longgggg period of time into an album on the Katie Says Facebook page and as there are so many items, it will be a gradual process, but I hope you will take a look and maybe find something which takes your fancy.  Please do tell your friends about it too and maybe ‘Like’ the page to help spread the word.

Thank you for your help.


End of an Era

Well, today’s the day.  Seems a little strange, but after today, I will be the mother of 2 school aged children (not 1 and a little one) and that I am sure, will speed up time, as they are both growing up so fast.

DD2 is ready to start school and has been parading around in her new uniform already.  Not sure I am ready, will have to wait and see – I am looking forward to big blocks of peace and quiet so I can get on with the housework (shush – I mean sewing!), but will be odd being surplus to requirements for a large part of the day.

Most of my friends at DD2′s pre-school are doing the ‘starting big school’ thing for the first time and are all upset and weepy.  I am assuming I am not, because I have already been through this process with DD1.

I also managed to hold it all together for the little graduation, which really surprised me.

So, I am busy making a gift of bunting with the pre-school’s name appliqued on, left till the last minute of course, as she needs picking up and gift presenting at 12 noon today!

So, I hope all of you moving on to new adventures today have fun and make good memories.


UPDATE – Tears were shed (by me, not DD2!) and they LOVED their personalised bunting with bells on gift.  :-D

Teacup Pincushion

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love a bargain and can’t resist a snoop around a charity/junk shop.  I have been on the look out for a china tea cup to make into a pin cushion – I know its quirky, but hey!  Anyway, guess what I found this morning, a Royal Albert Bone China teacup dated 1934 …. its perfect.

It caught my eye as the decoration on the teacup looked like cross-stitch and you know what, I was right as the design is printed on the bottom – Petit Point China?  It was an absolute bargain and not only that, there were two of them!

Now I just have to find the time to make them into pin cushions and ditch the ugly plastic and foam one that I am currently using.

Its that time again – Teacher Gifts Time!

This time of year always seems to start a playground debate on the subject of teacher gifts.  Should there be a collection for one big gift and if so, what should it be?  Or everyone trying to suss out what each are buying so as not to double up, which is easier said than done!

I have joined in this game, every year, but it recently occurred to me that it may be easier, as I can sew, to make a homemade gift.

So this week, I put together a lined zippered pouch in some nice linen and added some pretty twiddly bits, all in a butterfly theme for my daughter’s teacher.

I have been asked by many mum’s now, if I could make one up for their child’s teacher, so I am going to put teacher gifts on my list of products to make.  Obviously not in time for this year, but please bear me in mind for next time!

Where does the time go??

My little one is getting ready to join big school and all the preparations involved, as well as the end of term for DD1 mean that very little time has been left to work on my projects, namely getting Katie Says Sew up and running.

I have decided to shelf that a little until the girls are both back at school in September and I will then have lots of free time to myself – well that’s the theory anyway!

In the meantime, I am trying to make a few things and have set up a Folksy shop, which I hope to stock soon.

The Facebook page is now up and running – photos added of past makes, so please do take a look.

Introducing our kittens

We recently decided that it was time to add to our family as the goldfish, although looked after and now huge, were not really very engaging for the girls.  I am not a ‘dog person’ and as I would be the one doing most (all!) of the looking after, it was decided that a kitten would be the best solution.

Having contacted the Croydon Animal Samaritans, the lovely Lois asked us to visit some kittens and we ended up falling in love with and adopting two.  They are brother and sister and came from an overcrowded house with their mum and 2 other kittens.  They are always looking for kind forever homes for the animals they rescue and I can safely say that they provided us with all the help we needed in order to make taking on the kittens and enjoyable experience for all.  If you are looking for a new pet, I would recommend you take a look at their website.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce our little bundles of joy – Bertie and Betty Boo!

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