Its that time again – Teacher Gifts Time!

This time of year always seems to start a playground debate on the subject of teacher gifts.  Should there be a collection for one big gift and if so, what should it be?  Or everyone trying to suss out what each are buying so as not to double up, which is easier said than done!

I have joined in this game, every year, but it recently occurred to me that it may be easier, as I can sew, to make a homemade gift.

So this week, I put together a lined zippered pouch in some nice linen and added some pretty twiddly bits, all in a butterfly theme for my daughter’s teacher.

I have been asked by many mum’s now, if I could make one up for their child’s teacher, so I am going to put teacher gifts on my list of products to make.  Obviously not in time for this year, but please bear me in mind for next time!

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3 thoughts on “Its that time again – Teacher Gifts Time!

  1. Love what you’ve made sweety thanks for the link ! I will be popping over more offen now xxxxxxxxxxx great gift I bet mrs dodd was so pleased with that, love the kittens too how cute are they xx

    Love Shellybobbins xxxx

    • Aww thanks Shelly, very kind of you xx I haven’t given it to her yet, bit embarrassed to be honest as I know the others have all bought nice things and I have never put my ‘makes’ out there until now! Betty and Bertie are little pickles, but yes they are very cute and help make the house a home.

      Love Kate xx

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