Dinner Inspiration

When my OH started asking at breakfast time (before I had even had my first cup of tea – very brave of him), what I was planning to do for dinner that night, I knew I would need some assistance.  I have reached the stage now of repeating the same meals again and again, the old favourites like shepherds pie, pasta bake, fish fingers etc.  It is a cop out as I know there is a chance the kids will eat it, but also they are quick and easy to prepare.  Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of cook books, love reading them and saying ‘one day, I will make ….’, but ‘one day’ just never seems to arrives. So, when I spotted Spoonfed Suppers I was absolutely over the moon.

The brainchild behind this fantastic idea is Candy and she sends out a delicious and super simple recipe idea by email which give you all the inspiration you need.  Not only that, but she also sends an email with your weekly shopping list for the recipes she will send and a menu!  There is a list of store cupboard bits and bobs too, so you can be all prepared.

Its a bit of a no-brainer really, you must go over and sign up asap.

Image: Spoonfed Suppers

Madonna Tribute – Glee

I admit I may be a little old to like Glee, but I cant help it.  The music is great,  the plot doesn’t take up too much brainpower after a hard day and like singing along as I know most if not all of the tracks. 

This particular tribute by Sue (one of my favourite characters, because she is sooooo sarcastic) is definitely worth a watch.

Are you a secret Gleek too?

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