Dinner Inspiration

When my OH started asking at breakfast time (before I had even had my first cup of tea – very brave of him), what I was planning to do for dinner that night, I knew I would need some assistance.  I have reached the stage now of repeating the same meals again and again, the old favourites like shepherds pie, pasta bake, fish fingers etc.  It is a cop out as I know there is a chance the kids will eat it, but also they are quick and easy to prepare.  Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of cook books, love reading them and saying ‘one day, I will make ….’, but ‘one day’ just never seems to arrives. So, when I spotted Spoonfed Suppers I was absolutely over the moon.

The brainchild behind this fantastic idea is Candy and she sends out a delicious and super simple recipe idea by email which give you all the inspiration you need.  Not only that, but she also sends an email with your weekly shopping list for the recipes she will send and a menu!  There is a list of store cupboard bits and bobs too, so you can be all prepared.

Its a bit of a no-brainer really, you must go over and sign up asap.

Image: Spoonfed Suppers

I finally won something – yippee!

I joined in with my first ever blog giveaway over at Housewife Confidential and happy days, I won!!! Had had a really pants day and when I saw the email from Kat telling me I was a winner, my heart went skippity skip. I am an avid cookbook collector and reader, not done much cooking as yet, but my time will come.

So, the prize is just fab – Tana’s Kitchen Secrets – once I have had a chance to thoroughly check out my prize, I will post a review for you all. Thank you for Kat and Housewife Confidential for my prize and for starting another addiction – entering giveaways!

My Tune of the Week (1)

This week I have an amazing tune, The Cave by Mumford & Sons, stuck in my head and am merrily playing it over and over like a teenager, driving my nearest and dearest mad. 

I am very excited to have tickets for Latitude, where Mumford & Sons are playing, so I am working my way through the list of bands scheduled, listening on Spotify – are any of you going to be there?  

I hope you enjoy this one too!

The MAD Awards make the world seem smaller

Isn’t it funny how you can be pootling through life when all of a sudden the world seems smaller, just through some random connection?  I had seen mention of  The MAD Awards on Twitter and various other blogs so went to check it out.

Turns out that there were various ‘worth a follow’ blogs that I had not yet discovered, so I subscribed to some of the finalist’s feeds and got back to work.

I went to read (clear out) my backlog of posts and suddenly much to my surprise recognised someone!  The blog is SuburbanMummyUK and her daughter went to baby ballet with my youngest right here in Chislehurst.  So I went from feeling that the world is a big place, to suddenly thinking it is sometimes quite small.

It happened on another occasion, when my Auntie who lives in Vancouver, Canada, suddenly announced that she had started talking to an English guy at a bus stop when he asked directions.  It turned out (after a bit of discussion) that he was actually in my class in Secondary School and was just over there doing a bit of travelling.  He and his girlfriend ended up spending the night at my Aunties and having a meal and beers – how random is that?!

Have you ever had that feeling?

Madonna Tribute – Glee

I admit I may be a little old to like Glee, but I cant help it.  The music is great,  the plot doesn’t take up too much brainpower after a hard day and like singing along as I know most if not all of the tracks. 

This particular tribute by Sue (one of my favourite characters, because she is sooooo sarcastic) is definitely worth a watch.

Are you a secret Gleek too?

Melting Moments – Recipe Alert!

These are so delicious you may want to make them and then hide them for your ‘me time’!!  However, if you are feeling generous the entire family is sure to really enjoy these biscuits.  This is another of my Gran at the Seaside’s recipes, so I hope you like – do let me know what you think.


8 oz margarine
6 oz caster sugar
1 egg
1/4 teasp vanilla essence
10 oz S.R. flour
2 oz crushed cornflakes

Mix marg and sugar, beat in egg and vanilla.

Stir in flour, mix in dough.

Wet hands and roll mixture in balls and then roll them in the cornflakes.

Bake on a greased tray 350degF. for 20 minutes.

Cumberland Cookies (or Gran's Cookies!) – Recipe Alert!

Another of my Gran’s recipes, which despite my terrible long term memory, I do remember having these delicious cookies at my Gran at the Seaside’s house.  They are quick and easy to make, but do remember to take them out of the oven when still soft otherwise you may break a tooth!!


2 cups S.R.flour
1 cup  rolled oats
1 cup soft brown sugar
1 teasp.bicarb of soda
1/4  hard margarine (Stork or similar) (I think its about 2 oz)
2 tabls. syrup
1 teasp. ginger powder
pinch salt

Put marg and syrup in pan to melt. Mix together in a bowl the flour, oats, sugar, ginger and salt. Add the bicarb of soda dissolved in a little warm water, and then add the melted margarine and syrup.  Mix well and roll into balls. Place on a greased baking sheet and flatten a little with a fork.  Bake in a moderate oven about 15 mins.

Cold Tea Fruitbread – Recipe Alert!

This is such an easy recipe to make, but a goodie.  This came from my Gran and I remember her making it, so I hope you will enjoy it too.  Its really nice still warm and buttered along with a cup of tea and putting your feet up for 10 mins.  Also great for packed lunches and a quick snack.

Fruit Loaf :-

8 oz mixed fruit or just sultanas if you prefer
1/4 pint tea
4 oz soft brown sugar
8 oz S.R. flour
1/4 teasp. mixed spice
1 egg
1 tablesp. marmalade 

Leave fruit to soak overnight in tea.  Add all ingredients and mix well. Place in greased tin 325deg F. for 1 1/4- 1 1/2 hours.

Leftover Easter Eggs?! – Recipe Alert

Did you receive so many Easter eggs that you are struggling to finish them all?  “Don’t be silly!” – I hear you cry, but just in case you have a few left over my lovely friend, Alison, has donated this recipe to help you use them up by making something tasty. 


Rainbow Bites

Prep – takes 10 mins plus overnight chilling

200g bar dark chocolate – but we use milk as dark is too bitter for us!!
100g unsalted butter
100g golden syrup
100g marshmallows, big ones cut in half or use the mini ones
100g pink wafers, crushed
125g mini eggs

Line a 20 x 20cm square tin with a layer of greaseproof paper.

Place the chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a saucepan and heat gently until melted together. Stir in the marshmallows and crushed wafers.

Pour the chocolate mixture into the tin and top with the mini eggs. Put in the fridge overnight to set. Cut into squares and serve.


If you have any good recipes that you think others would like, please do send them to us and we will put them on the blog – along with a link if you have a website or blog yourself.

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