Shed Happy!

I am getting a new shed for my allotment for my birthday and am surprised at how much I am looking forward to it!

I happened to mention this to my husband and also how it may need little curtains and a touch of bunting.  The song currently being sung by my ‘hilarious’ family is this  - POSH.  Hubby is threatening to put a chimney on my shed too! Did you see this film as a child as well – what was your favourite song? This one is very catchy!


Grow your own fruit for bargain prices.

Having recently taken on an allotment, we are trying to set it up for as little money as possible.  That challenge is working out quite well so far, but today I found a fantastic bargain (at least I think it is) so I thought it only fair to share.

This week only Aldi are selling fruit plants for £1.99 each. I got there first thing expecting tiny little plants which would take ages to get going, but was very surprised to see what was on offer and would highly recommend.

As you can see from my quick photo I went a little mad, but I can’t resist a bargain.  For just under £28 I got 2 x blackberry, 2 x kiwi, 2 x goji berry, 2 x loganberry, 2 x fig, 1 x tayberry, 1 x gooseberry, 1 x red grape and 1 x white grape!!!!

If you are a gardener/allotmenteer get down there quick!


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