Birthday Cake Pressure

Each year, I feel a pressure to make from scratch, birthday cakes for my two girls.  It started straight away on my eldest daughter’s first birthday – I even got as far as hiring two cake tins from the local cake decorating shop.  One for her party – Winnie the Pooh shaped and one for the family get together – rocking horse shaped.  What on earth was I thinking!!

Princess Birthday CakeFriends quickly pointed me in the direction of the local supermarket, telling me I was mad to even think about making my own, it wasn’t good to start a precedent, I was already too stressed and busy, etc etc.  So, I have always purchased their birthday cakes from said supermarket, until last year, when finally, I succumbed to the pressure of cake making discussions occurring on the playground and made my first birthday cake (which I am very proud of – see picture)!

My girls are happy as long as they have a nice cake, bought or made, but I did feel a warm fuzzy glow at making it myself with love (sweat, swearing and late night included!).  This year, she is having a horse riding party and I really don’t think I am up to making a horse shaped cake!!

So, what do you do – buy or make?  Please do show us your cakes if you have been brave and made your own.

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