Teaching an old dog new tricks!

I realised the other day that I had done nothing for myself, as in ’me time’ in seven years, yes you read that correctly, seven years – shocking isn’t it!!  Basically pre marriage and kids.  So this obviously required immediate correction.

I had spotted a sewing course for free machine embroidery on another blog and decided this would be just the thing to get the ‘Me Time’ ball rolling.  So my husband was informed that he would looking after his kids for two days and a night (for the first time ever!) and I arranged to attend the course with my Auntie.

It was fantastic, a full day of sewing, learning a great new craft (which I will continue), eating lovely home made cake and generally relaxing.  I did manage to produce a finished article of my own design no less – a family tree cushion – see pics!  And would highly recommend the course if you fancy a great day of sewing – get in touch with Lara Sparks.

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