How to live a clutter free life?

I have read the books, blogs, discussed with friends etc.  and it is clear to me that despite all of this effort, I still have not got a handle on my clutter situation.

After some analysis, it appears that the problem is not with sorting the clutter into the recommended piles, it lies in dealing with the piles once created!  The ‘Rubbish’ pile is ejected immediately, the ‘Keep’ pile finds a new home within the house, the ‘Charity’ pile goes straight in the boot of the car to drop off.  The problem lies with the ‘Sell’ pile.

Please tell me I am not alone in carefully saving all items which I believe may have a value and would then, once sold, provide cash for other things?  The issue, I believe, is how best to dispose of these items.  Obviously you could put them in the local paper or newsagents window for very little cost.  There are also many sites available for selling items, such as Ebay or Gumtree, but in the case of Ebay particularly the actual of selling cost of the item is quite high in relation to price achieved at sale.

I have taken a look at my ‘Sell’ pile and have decided that it is time to take action as money raised would help towards getting Katie Says off the ground and that can only be a good thing (obviously in my opinion)!  And judging by the size of the pile accumulated, would definitely go quite some way to helping me achieve a clutter free home!

So I will be loading all the items I have collected over a longgggg period of time into an album on the Katie Says Facebook page and as there are so many items, it will be a gradual process, but I hope you will take a look and maybe find something which takes your fancy.  Please do tell your friends about it too and maybe ‘Like’ the page to help spread the word.

Thank you for your help.


I finally won something – yippee!

I joined in with my first ever blog giveaway over at Housewife Confidential and happy days, I won!!! Had had a really pants day and when I saw the email from Kat telling me I was a winner, my heart went skippity skip. I am an avid cookbook collector and reader, not done much cooking as yet, but my time will come.

So, the prize is just fab – Tana’s Kitchen Secrets – once I have had a chance to thoroughly check out my prize, I will post a review for you all. Thank you for Kat and Housewife Confidential for my prize and for starting another addiction – entering giveaways!

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