End of an Era

Well, today’s the day.  Seems a little strange, but after today, I will be the mother of 2 school aged children (not 1 and a little one) and that I am sure, will speed up time, as they are both growing up so fast.

DD2 is ready to start school and has been parading around in her new uniform already.  Not sure I am ready, will have to wait and see – I am looking forward to big blocks of peace and quiet so I can get on with the housework (shush – I mean sewing!), but will be odd being surplus to requirements for a large part of the day.

Most of my friends at DD2′s pre-school are doing the ‘starting big school’ thing for the first time and are all upset and weepy.  I am assuming I am not, because I have already been through this process with DD1.

I also managed to hold it all together for the little graduation, which really surprised me.

So, I am busy making a gift of bunting with the pre-school’s name appliqued on, left till the last minute of course, as she needs picking up and gift presenting at 12 noon today!

So, I hope all of you moving on to new adventures today have fun and make good memories.


UPDATE – Tears were shed (by me, not DD2!) and they LOVED their personalised bunting with bells on gift.  :-D

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