London is not empty!

I have been reading and seeing in the news how empty central London has been since the Olympics began. Also as my other half is a black taxi driver I have been listening to him moan about it.

So yesterday I decided to pop up to town on the train with my girls to meet some good friends for an afternoon of scootering along the empty Southbank.


This photo was taken right beside the London Eye and as you can see it is not empty. Not ideal conditions for supervising 4 scootering children aged 4, 5, 7 and 9.  Would have been easier herding kittens!

Having said that I would highly recommend a visit.  The atmosphere was great, everyone seemed to be in happy chilled out moods as we strolled slowly along towards Tower Bridge.  There are various free activities along the way for all.  The kids enjoyed a huge rainbow coloured sandpit, interactive sculpture park and grass covered enormous armchairs, but there were many other things to do.

Having worked our way along past Gabriels’ Wharf and OXO Tower, both with great independent shops and eateries, we got to Tate Modern and the ‘wobbly bridge’ where the picture below was taken.


If you are looking for cheap ways to entertain the kids and yourself this Summer holiday, just jump on a train to London with a picnic as there are so many free things to do.

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