The MAD Awards make the world seem smaller

Isn’t it funny how you can be pootling through life when all of a sudden the world seems smaller, just through some random connection?  I had seen mention of  The MAD Awards on Twitter and various other blogs so went to check it out.

Turns out that there were various ‘worth a follow’ blogs that I had not yet discovered, so I subscribed to some of the finalist’s feeds and got back to work.

I went to read (clear out) my backlog of posts and suddenly much to my surprise recognised someone!  The blog is SuburbanMummyUK and her daughter went to baby ballet with my youngest right here in Chislehurst.  So I went from feeling that the world is a big place, to suddenly thinking it is sometimes quite small.

It happened on another occasion, when my Auntie who lives in Vancouver, Canada, suddenly announced that she had started talking to an English guy at a bus stop when he asked directions.  It turned out (after a bit of discussion) that he was actually in my class in Secondary School and was just over there doing a bit of travelling.  He and his girlfriend ended up spending the night at my Aunties and having a meal and beers – how random is that?!

Have you ever had that feeling?

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